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Miniature/Toy Australian Shepherds exhibit loyalty, agility and compassion for their family. We opened our breeding program with these wonderful dogs. We’re pleased you have visited our web site, where you can learn more about our family. Broad Meadow Farme is located in the western portion of Cleveland County, North Carolina. Our family purchased the farme in 2000. 
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"Timberlines Just A 
Tadmore of Twin Pines"

 Tadmore was a registered Miniature Australian Shepherd  who's great grandparents include Champion Flatland's Blue Digger and Champion Fantasia's Double Deluxe. His great great grandparents include Champion Raineydays Tinsel Town, Champion Fantasia's Masterpeace and finally Champion Briarbrooks Frosty Mist. 

Tadmore took us to a new level of breeding these fabulous dogs. Australian Shepherds  are remarkable dogs that exhibit agility, intellect and loyalty that amaze me everyday. 
      "TJ" is a Grandson of "Timberlines Just a Tadmore of Twin Pines" or Tadmore as we called him. "TJ" was born on October 9, 2011. He came to the farme on December 25, 2011. "TJ" loves life on the farme and quickly associated with our family and the other animals on the farme. He is a bit stockier than Tadmore. He has great markings and a good amount of white properly placed to represent the Tri Color markings of the Australian Shepherd. Like his Grandfather, he loves the water and will get in the doggie pool, horse trough and creek when ever possible.  
     "TJ" was retired in October of 2014. He has gone to a wonderful home in Kings Mountain, NC. Panda will replace "TJ" as our male Champion and continue the line from Tadmore. Panda is a beautiful Black and White Aussie with a long coat. He is a mini and if you take a moment to look at our current litters that he has sired, you will see great color, average size and more blue eyes.
ALL OF OUR TOY AND MINIATURE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS ARE REGISTERED WITH ASDR. American Stock Dog Registry is the premier registry in the United States and North America.
Watch the puppies drink water out of their pool.
Duane and Gaye with
Panda and Penny

Panda Bear of Broad Meadow

Panda is the Great Grandson of "Timberlines Just a Tadmore of Twin Pines". Panda is the son of "Twin Pines Te Jay of Broad Meadow". Panda is registered as a Miniature Australian Shepherd with American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR) (the premier registry for Australian Shepherd in the United States and North America. Panda was born on July 10, 2012 and his mother is Brown Sugar. Panda is a a medium size mini, black and white colors with a long flowing coat similar to his great grandfather, Tadmore. 
Tadmore fathered three litters with Ewock and Brown Sugar. He was the "King" of Broad Meadow Farme. Each day he enjoyed the run of the farme and whenever I was outside he was constantly by my side. On December 24, 2011, a tragic accident occurred on the farme and we lost Tadmore. My wife, Gay bought his grandson and on December 25, 2011 we brought home "TJ" , short for Tadmore Junior to help us continue Tadmore's line.  His markings and color were very close to Tadmore's. I have lost a good friend and my buddy, but life goes on and we rejoice in having a new member in our family.
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6 Month
Have your puppy checked by your vet within 7 days of purchase. If a health issue arises that is genetic or life threatening within the first six months after purchase, we will take the puppy back and replace it with a similar puppy. We will not be responsible for any vet bills or other cost related to the care of your puppy. You are required to mail us a copy of the initial vet report within 14 days of purchase.

Two of her puppies playing in the grass.
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